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  Courses Tailor Made for All Needs    

  If you want to learn

how to write a play for the stage,

you've come to the right place    


Thursday evenings, 7-9pm

Online -

The Intro course is aimed at developing the fundamental skills required to bring a story to life on the stage.


We spend a lot of time exploring character, including different approaches to developing characterisation. We  "mine the imagination" for starting points and ideas (often ones you didn't even realise you had).  We explore theme and how that drives a story in relation to your characters, and how an understanding of structure and action can help you to pace your story, developing a character arc that is satisfying to both your story and to an audience.  We do loads of exercises that are aimed at getting ideas out of your head and onto paper.


The aim of the Intro course is to write a script (of up to 15mins) which will be included (if you choose to submit it) for the WFTS Showcase, held at Studio Salford at The Kings Arms, which will be performed by professional actors and directed by accomplished, professional directors during Studio Salford Development Week.


£125 for 10 week course


Wednesday evenings, 8.15-10.15pm

Online -


The Advanced course is aimed at those who have either completed the Intro course or can demonstrate the attributes learned through Intro (generally demonstrated by those who have had a play performed as a rehearsed reading (for example, at Studio Salford Development Week or similar) and can demonstrate a strong awareness of the fundamentals of the writing process). 


We look at more complex stage writing concepts such as the varying functions of dialogue, setting up and answering dramatic questions to drive plot, the total narrative, complications & obstacles and subplot's relationship to character transformation.  


The aim of the Advanced course is to write a script of up to 60mins which will be performed (if you choose to submit it) as a full rehearsed reading, performed by professional actors, directed by accomplished, professional directors during Studio Salford Development Week.  


 The 10 week course is staggered (so the overall duration is longer than the Intro course).  There are opportunities to read each piece in the session, then there are two "writing breaks" where you are given time to write.


At the final stage of the course, before the Development Week performances, professional actors will come in and read your script so that you can hear how it flows, in time for a final rewrite. Your piece will then be prepared for rehearsed reading.


£150 for 10 week course


Tuesday evenings - 6-8pm

Online -


The Progressing course is for playwrights who have completed the Advanced course and wish to continue to develop their work, or for jobbing playwrights who want regular deadlines, group reading of their work, and live feedback.


We do lots of writing exercises aimed towards a deeper understanding of our characters and our stories, while examining devices in established texts that can help develop our work.  


The aim of the Progressing course is to develop work started in WFTS Advanced to take it closer to a production-ready script, or to develop existing work if you haven't attended the prior courses. 


The 10-week, online, tutorial-based course runs over 10 weeks and is open to international participants who write in English. 

Each work developed gets a slot at Development Week.


£150 for 10 week course


The Developing level is aimed at those who have an existing theatre script which requires independent development feedback and assistive guidance. This could include pieces from the previous WriteForTheStage levels, or for anyone who has a script that requires development in order to get it to performance level.


Each session is up to 2 hours long, and takes place as a one-to-one consultation. Each consultation will include written feedback specific to your script, focusing on theme, structure, character development, use of dialogue, plot and pace. The consultations will be informal, open discussions, including the reading of the script.


The aim is to maximise the potential of the script in preparation for performance or competition / festival submission.


All pieces developed will be eligible for a slot at Studio Salford Development Week.

(NB - Development Week is open to all. Participation in one of the WriteForTheStage courses is not necessary for inclusion in the programme).

Price per session is dependent on the length of the script (in standard script format)

The price per session is dependent upon the length of your script (in standard script format)

Up to 30 pages - £45

Up to 60 pages - £60

Up to 100 pages - £75


Producing is perfect for writers and aspiring producers. The aim is to develop your script, learn all about producing for the thriving Manchester fringe and learn the skills you need to be in control of a production. You'll set up your own theatre company, find out about roles, casting, marketing, budgeting, the tech and get-in and apply for an Arts Council grant with support all along the way. 


We develop the script in group tutorials and each session covers a different aspect of production.


£150 for 10 week course

Development Wk - our courses
  Development Week  

At the end of your course, your work will be included as a rehearsed reading at the ever-popular and industry-recognised Studio Salford Development Week. You work will be performed by professional actors at a week-long showcase of brand new work, along with emerging talent from the region.


Development Week isn't just for participants of the courses, though.


Click here for more details about Development Week and how to get involved if you haven't completed a WFTS course. It's free to get involved and is a great opportunity to develop your work.



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