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Tuesday evenings, 6-8pm


Zoom meeting id - 856-063-5030

or use this link

Writing is often a solitary pursuit. We lock ourselves away for hours on end; crafting, shaping, developing; and sometimes it feels like we haven't spoken to anyone for days. The problem for the playwright, however, is that we are writing for performance - we're writing for voices. We can hear the voices in our mind's eye, but what does it sound like spoken out loud?

WritersLabs are a great resource for writers. It's a regular meeting where you share what you've been up to that week. We read each other's words. And, whilst we might not be actors, we give voice to the action and the characters and give each other feedback - if we want it.


Writers are infamous procrastinators. A WritersLab gives us a weekly deadline. And this is worth its weight in gold!

Even if you're not currently working on something, joining a WritersLab will bring you back into the creative process and will kickstart your passion to get something down on paper again.


How do I join?

Join the Facebook group WriteForTheStage WritersLab. This is our main info-hub. You'll be sent a link each week which will take you to the meeting via Zoom Video Conferencing. You can access it from a desktop / laptop or using a smartphone or tablet. You'll need to download the free application - the link will open that application each time. That's it. Join in the conversation. If you want your work included, you need to email it as a .pdf before 5pm prior to the meeting. We'd recommend using headphones with a microphone if you can to prevent audio feedback.

Where do I download the software?

You'll need a free video conferencing application (Zoom) and some headphones with a microphone.


It works on Apple and Android devices (downloadable for free from relevant App Stores) and on laptops and desktops (downloadable from 

Click here for the Apple App Store

Click here for the Google Play Store

Click here for the laptop / desktop version


How much does it cost?

We're currently testing the system, so it's free to join in and take part for the moment. In the future it will cost roughly £10 per quarter, payable in advance.


Do I need to be based in the UK to join?

No. It would help if your work is written in English and you're a proficient English speaker, but you're welcome to join from anywhere. As long as you have a decent broadband connection, we would be honoured with your presence. 


How experienced do I need to be to join in?

Experience is not a criteria. Passion to write is. So if this is your fiftieth play or your first, you're very welcome to come and share your work and offer your constructive feedback.


What is the maximum number of participants per session?

It depends. The session runs for 2 hours (and you need to stay for the whole session). So we can only really accommodate (currently) a maximum of 10 per session.


Can I join in if I don't have anything new to share?

Absolutely. Come and help with the reading, or just listen and give some feedback.

  WFTS WritersLab    

  WFTS WritersLab