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Studio Salford Development Week 14: The timetable

If you’ve never been to Studio Salford Development Week before, you‘ll want to know a little bit about it. If you have been before, you’ll know that it’s a really brilliant week of brand new work, shared in front of an audience, who give written feedback to help the development of the writing.

Loads of the work that you see on the Manchester fringe, either during the Greater Manchester Fringe Festival or throughout the rest of the year, has had an outing at Development Week - trying the writing out before going into full rehearsals.

The work is so amazingly varied - you never quite know what to expect. And that’s what makes the week such an interesting opportunity.


As well as seeing brand new work from new and established writers and performers, Development Week is a great opportunity to meet other like—minded people who can help you bring your next creative endeavour to fruition.

We get all sorts at Development Week - but you can be fairly certain that at least 70% of the people who attend come along because they’re wondering about how they can get a project off the ground. Or are looking for their next project to work on.

The entire week is free to attend. So, you’ve got nothing to lose - and you might just meet someone who can help you get your work up and running.

The Timetable

A lot of the work throughout the week is from the WriteForTheStage courses: we have an Intro showcase, sharing the first ten pages of a brand new piece of work; our Advanced members are sharing their work throughout the week, as are our Progressing students.

But we also have a selection of work from local artists who are bringing their work to try it out before they go into rehearsals for this year’s Greater Manchester Fringe Festival.

And I’ll be sharing a rehearsed reading of my new piece, Spectre - a gay, sci-fi romp set in deepest, darkest Yorkshire.

Check out the timetable here. You can book directly from this table by selecting how many tickets you want and hitting Register. Tickets are free.

First week of March

Development Week is the first week of March, at The Kings Arms Theatre, in the Studio.

Remember: Mon 2nd - Sat 7th March. In the Studio, at The Kings Arms Theatre.

Hope to see you there. Or get in touch if you have any questions.

Agrippa Productions

Development Week is being brought to you as a collaboration between WriteForTheStage and our co-producer, Richard Douglas, from Agrippa Productions.

Richard is WFTS alumni. He’s an excellent writer and producer. His new piece, Sherry Trifle, is being shared on Saturday 7th, 7.30pm.

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