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March is going to be a busy old month

March is going to be a busy old month.

On Monday, it’s the start of Development Week. It’s a week of new work, shared in front of an audience - usually for the first time.

It’s a brilliant week of sharing, networking, feedback, and discovery. Come and meet your next collaborators or find the next piece to produce.

It’s all about the share. So, we’d love to see you.

Development Week runs from Mon 2nd - Sat 7th March.

boyfriend stroke husband

Then, from Mon 16th - Thurs 19th March, we have true debut of my new play, boyfriend stroke husband.

It’s being produced by Viaduct Theatre and playing at The Kings Arms Theatre.

I ”urm” my way through an explanation of what to expect at Development Week and boyfriend stroke husband in this video:

Please come along - and share this blog on social media.

For more info about boyfriend stroke husband, click here.

For more info about Development Week, to see the timetable and to book tickets, click here.

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