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Expressions of Interest: New Term in 2022

We've had some time off during the pandemic, but we're planning on restarting all of the WriteForTheStage courses in January 2022.

We offer courses for complete beginners, all the way to experienced playwrights. We also provide guidance for fledgling producers, and we're even going to start running a copywriting course.


Copywriting has been my bread and butter during the pandemic - it's been a valuable way to earn a living while everything was closed down, so it's a useful skillset to have.

We'll be covering structure, use of language, Search Engine Optimisation, and I'll be sharing lots of tips I've gathered from my many years as a professional copywriter.

Expressions of interest

It's not possible to book for the new courses yet, but you can send us an expression of interest to reserve your place.

We offer:

  • Intro - learning the fundamentals of writing for the stage, aiming for a killer first 10 pages of a new script

  • Progressing - developing those first 10 pages, regular group readings and exercises

  • Advanced - taking your starting points and developing them into a 60-minute script, perfect for competitions and festivals

  • Producing - learning the ropes for fledgling theatre producers

  • Copywriting - learning the fundamentals of high performing copy

How much do the courses cost?

  • A 10-week term of the Intro and Progressing courses cost £150.

  • 10 weeks of Advanced costs £200.

  • 6 x 3hr sessions for Producing costs £200.

  • The 5-week Copywriting crash course costs £100.

I want to sign up

Send us an expression of interest - it's basically just an email that lets us know which course you're interested in joining. Add any questions, and we'll get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

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