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Exciting news! Cracking The Feathers: a piece from a previous Development Week gets its full launch!

With Development Week 14 starting tonight (Monday 2nd March), we're thrilled to announce the launch of a piece of work that has seen its journey to fruition supported by The Kings Arms and Studio Salford Development Week.

Ian Winterton is an award-winning writer. His theatre company, Shred Productions, was an in-house company at Studio Salford and his work has been recognised at The Manchester Theatre Awards and by BBC Writersroom.

Ian's work has appeared at Studio Salford (at The Kings Arms Theatre), at 24:7 Theatre Festival, and now he's launching his radio drama, Cracking The Feathers, starring the marvelous Julie Hesmondhalgh and Robert Glenister.

Cracking The Feathers

Wendy is coping with life after the traumatic experience of going through 'ECT'. Most of her memories are gone and as she bumps into a familiar face from her past that she can't quite place, her memories slowly start to return. Not all of them easy to come to terms with.

Arts Council England

After much script development, Ian managed to get Arts Council England funding to assist with the production of the radio drama, which is streamable from iTunes and on Spotify. Produced by Bamalam Productions.

Cracking The Feathers: press release

So, if you want to see the next Cracking The Feathers before anyone else, come along to Development Week at The Kings Arms.

Click here for info about Development Week, and click here to listen to Cracking The Feathers for free.

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